Addie’s is a normal American diner situated in the middle of a residential neighborhood

I had a 1/2 order of the biscuits and gravy with an addition of two scrambled eggs on the side. I was surprised to get scrambled eggs in the form of a crepe cut into strips. (It was actually just eggs that had been cooked in a thin layer in a skillet.) My meal was mediocre but the service was excellent and the coffee was nice , if not excellent.

The overall experience was a pleasant average. Prices and portions were average and the environment was predictable. Nothing to write home about, but not regrettable.

I had the corned beef hash with two eggs and toast. The toast was good, and came with marionberry jam (commercial, not locally made) which was pretty good. The eggs were cooked to a perfect over-medium, with the whites fully cooked and the yolk barely beginning to set. I really appreciate a well cooked egg, which is hard to do and most places don’t succeed at.

The corned beef hash though was somewhat disappointing. The grated potatoes were OK, but the hash had a scoop of mashed potatoes mixed in as well, which led to a weird pasty texture. The corned beef was pretty good, but too scarce. It was fine, but not really noteworthy. I would order something else next time.

The coffee was better than I expected. It was standard diner drip coffee, but brewed with care and served at just the right temperature. Service was excellent, neither too invasive nor inattentive.


Addie’s is a nice place to stop and eat. Overall, breakfast here was a pleasant experience, and if you are in the area looking for a nice breakfast, it’s a good choice. However, it is not worth going out of your way for.