Moxie Java Bistro

Moxie Java Bistro is an offshoot of the Moxie Java coffee shop chain.

You come for the coffee and the breakfast fills in.

Moxi Java is a coffee house first and a breakfast restaurant as an after thought. The first impression you get when you enter is that the need to make a bistro was to keep up with Starbucks. The food is a little nicer than Starbucks, but not by a large enough margin to make them stand out. If Moxi Java Bistro is next to Starbucks, Starbucks looses. If one is a mile and a half closer…

I had a mocha, which was pretty good, and a bacon breakfast burrito, which was decent, but not noteworthy. The salsa pictured was very tomato forward, with almost no chile heat. Overall, decent, but forgettable. The mocha was good, but not great, with more of a milk chocolate profile than the usual dark chocolate you get when combining coffee and cocoa.

After breakfast, I also had a cranberry-orange scone, which was decently flavorful, but oddly textured. It had the crumb structure of cake inside, rather than the more usual biscuit texture I would expect from a traditional scone. It wasn’t bad, just strange, and not what I was expecting.

Moxie Java Bistro is a coffee shop first, and a restaurant second. If coffee is your primary motivation, and food is secondary, it’s worth a visit.