Merritt’s Family Restaurant

More than a little run down since its heyday in the 1970s.

My Breakfast consisted of a biscuit topped with a sausage patty, gravy made from a packaged mix, eggs and cheese. If I had made the same from a Jimmy Dean frozen kit in my microwave the cheese would have been melted. Otherwise I would have a hard time telling the difference.

I got a very traditional breakfast of bacon, eggs (over medium), and hash browns. The eggs were under-done, with the whites still runny. The hash browns were cooked decently, but cold in the middle. The bacon was cooked very well, and was quite tasty. The coffee was decent drip coffee, probably Folgers or Famer Brothers. Nothing noteworthy. Overall, the meal was decent, but not noteworthy in any particular way.

My meal also came with my choice of scone (where scone here is a deep fried bread, not a traditional European style scone). I went with the cinnamon and sugar scone, which was pretty tasty, but had more sugar than I would have liked. If I were ordering again, I would get it plain, and just sweeten it with the provided honey butter.

The fry bread scone came with a nice honey butter and might be a reason to stop by, but if you are looking for a breakfast you might consider looking further down the road.