Eddie’s Restaurant

Eddie’s is a 50’s theme diner, with generous portions.


The Country Skillet was interesting in that it included corn as an ingredient that is not usually in this dish. It was nice and helped make up for the average level of the rest of the meal. I enjoyed my visit but nothing seemed to stand out as an item of special note.

As I often do, I had the corned beef hash and eggs. Eddie’s take was an unusual one, with the eggs atop a layer of cheese, which was all on top of the hash. Not a bad presentation, but unusual. The eggs were a bit under done for over-medium, with the whites still runny in places. The hash was oddly dry, and low on flavor. I am really unsure how one manages to prepare corned beef hash and somehow also remove the usual flavors of the spices. It wasn’t something I would order again.

The overall ambiance was peculiar. The place was clearly originally intended to be a 50’s diner, but at some point the 50’s kitsch was toned down dramatically. There are lots of pictures of classic cars on the walls, clearly from local car shows. It creates an unusual setting.

This is clearly a place that knows its target audience. While we were there, several groups of “regulars” showed up and were greeted by name, and seated at what appeared to be their “usual” tables. I suspect that this is the sort of place where, to borrow a phrase, “everybody knows your name” if you come in often.

Nice local hangout that seems to rely on a large number regulars who meet here for the weekend mornings. A place to blend in and take your time.