Moon’s Kitchen Cafe

Moon’s Kitchen Cafe is an unassuming diner in downtown Boise

As a life long carnivore I generally want protein at breakfast time, but this veggie omelette was done so well that I could not find any reason to complain if I had wanted to.

Let’s just start this off by saying that ever since discovering it, Moons has become one of my favorite restaurants in Boise. I’ve eaten here 4 times now, and every time the food and service have been excellent. Ingredients have always been excellent and fresh, the preparation has been faultless, seasoning and spice have been perfect, and the coffee is delicious. More impressive still, the lady who usually does table service in the early mornings has remembered us every time we have come in.

This time, I had a chorizo omelette. As usual here, it was excellent, combining a nice spicy Mexican-style chorizo with eggs, onion, cheese, and bell pepper. The potatoes were cooked perfectly, and the toasted english muffin was excellent when combined with the homemade strawberry jam. Everything was delicious.

Moon’s has become the place that I take guests from out of town to get a particularly good breakfast.

Moon’s is well worth going out of your way to visit. Whatever you get, it will be good. What else is there to say?