The Egg Factory

The Egg Factory is a pleasant out-of-the-way breakfast place

The first thing I ever ate in Boise was a breakfast at The Egg Factory. I have been back several times since and will be there again. The Rocky Mountain High Scramble was delicious and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good denver omelette. Next time I will get the hash browned potatoes instead.

Coffee was average but the english muffin and local jam were a fine addition to my meal. Often crowded on a Saturday morning, The Egg Factory is a pleasant place to take a friend for a leisurely meal time.

For breakfast, I had lemon poppy seed pancakes, and two eggs, over-medium. The eggs were cooked perfectly, as you would expect for a place called “The Egg Factory”. The whites were completely set, and the yolks were still runny, exactly as they should be for over-medium.

The pancakes were intriguing. They were a good, basic pancake, with a large helping of poppy seeds mixed into the batter. The lemon element came in from the lemon syrup served instead of the traditional maple syrup, and a generous dollop of honey butter. The whole assemblage was quite tasty, but far too much food. I only managed to eat one whole pancake, and some of the next.

I’ve eaten here several times over the years, and every time I have gotten something unusual and unique. Each time, I have been pleasantly surprised.

A welcoming place for a good breakfast with a farmhouse theme. Bring a friend and enjoy the morning.