The Trolley House

The Trolley house is a breakfast restaurant situated in historic building that at one time served as an actual trolley house until the 1920s.

I had the Mexican Omelette and found it to be nice, but not noteworthy. The green chili tasted as though it had lived part of it’s life in a can, but the eggs were cooked perfectly and the chorizzo sausage was very nice, though more Basque than Mexican. The hash browns were very good and the coffee was better than I would get from the company break room coffee maker at work, brown and caffeinated.

Service was very good and I enjoyed the historic atmosphere. Parking at 8:00 was convenient and easy. Overall I enjoyed my meal, but don’t feel the need to go back in any big hurry

I ordered my usual breakfast favorite, corned beef hash and eggs. Everything was cooked and prepared well, though the hash had a lot of potato and very little beef. The eggs were a very good over-medium, just as I ordered them. This is something that many places have failed to do properly. Overall, good, but not particularly noteworthy.

The coffee was usual diner fare, though as a nice touch there was a little pitcher of cream on each table, as opposed to the little sealed cups of creamer you see most places. Not great, but reasonably good. Service was attentive and efficient, with our waitress making sure that our cups never ran empty.

The highlight of a meal here is undoubtedly the venue. The historic nature of the building is evident both in the structure and the decor. It is a very inviting atmosphere, well decorated. It all feels like an old sitting room from some period movie.

I would probably find myself eating at The Carriage House on a monthly basis if I lived within a few blocks. It does not meet the standard of a place to drive to for a special event. Good fare in generous portions, but not enough to make me go out of my way.