Egg Mann And Earl

Egg Mann and Earl is a breakfast-focused restaurant in South East Boise.

A delightful suprise on the east side. I ordered the “Walrus” and my first impression was that there was WAY more food than I had any hope of eating.

The service was outstanding and the coffee was excellent. I loved the menu having been designed to allow for the creation of an individual breakfast to suit my tastes. Al-la-carte ordering is encouraged. I enjoyed the sense of eclectic whimsy that the decor afforded. My meal was well prepared. The bacon was house cured and an item to be appreciated in its own rite. I liked the biscuit and gravy combination, but have found better. A sourdough pancake is an addition one should also enjoy. It is everything sourdough needs to be.

All in all, I left with a sense of needing to come back again to explore the menu and try more of what it has to offer.

The first thing I must note is the excellence of the coffee. Our server not only brought us coffee, but was knowledgeable about the roast and origin of the beans. The care in coffee preparation showed in the quality. It was among the best coffee I have ever had at a restaurant.

I ordered a smaller version of the “Walrus”, seen here. It was a bed of pan-fried potatoes with cheese, topped with a biscuit, then bacon gravy, then two strips of bacon and a fried egg. Even with my requested reduction in portion size, it was a huge amount of food.

With our meal, we were also provided a “scone”, though I would have called it a “fry bread”. It was a delicious little surprise: a piece of sourdough, deep fried like a fritter, then coated with cinnamon and powdered sugar. I’m not sure if this is a normal thing that they just give to every dining party, or if there was some sort of special occasion.

I also was able to sample the sourdough pancakes, and they were extremely good. Made from a very mature sourdough starter (which we were told was 9 years old), the resultant pancakes were chewy and glutenous and sour, exactly as they should be.

When we came here, we had no real expectations, and knew nothing of the place. But when we left, we were talking about how this was the sort of place you would want to bring visitors to in order to ensure that they were provided a great dining experience. This restaurant deserves to be considered among the best in Boise.