Rembrandt’s is a cafe and coffee shop built in an old church building.

The first thing you notice when you go to Rembrandt’s is the building, but it should be the coffee. For an out-of-the-pot coffee this is one of the best I have found. I know that coffee tastes differ, but I found this to be delightful. The atmosphere was very nice and we got there before a crowd had developed, so peaceful and calm was the mood of the morning.

Pork Breakfast Quesadilla

My breakfast quesadilla was pleasant, but not flavored to my tastes. I also felt the meal would have benefited from a stronger hand on the behalf of the chef. The presentation was good and the portions were more than ample, but I needed to salt my meal and still was left with the feeling that the dish was a little more subtle than I wanted. I have always believed that food should be enjoyed as the chef presents it and still wanted a little more anyway.

The service was pleasant, the atmosphere was very nice, the coffee excelled and the meal didn’t meet the expectations they set me up for. Someone with a finer palette than mine would have been delighted.

The most striking thing about Rembrandt’s is definitely the atmosphere. The building was clearly originally a church, which according to the staff was built in the 1890s. It has been very tastefully remodeled to provide a pleasant dining space with lots of natural light.

The best thing I had was definitely the coffee. It is roasted on-location and clearly prepared carefully and skillfully. It was amongst the best coffee I have had at any restaurant in Idaho. There were also an impressive selection of pastries, which I did not sample.

Traditional Eggs Benedict

For my breakfast, I had the Eggs Benedict. Everything was well made and presented, but very lightly seasoned and spiced. I found that the meal needed a good dose of salt and pepper. Things had been clearly prepared to have that specific flavor profile, I would just have preferred something bolder.

The atmosphere is good, the service is efficient, the coffee excels, but the food did not align with our tastes.