The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House serves, as the name implies, pancakes. Other stuff too, but the primary draw is the pancakes.

The Original Pancake House is one of the first restaurants I had breakfast at in Boise. The menu offers an excellent array of sourdough pancakes. Portions are large, so if you aren’t very hungry consider sharing with another in your party. The Dutch pancake is worth the trip by itself, but should be ordered ahead of time if you are in a hurry.

Service has always been excellent, but the real draw is the pancake menu. The number of offerings is large enough to occupy the first 10 minutes of your visit. An omelet is also a good choice, and will ensure leftovers. Mine was more than I could finish, but I do enjoy a good “Denver Omelet” no matter the name it’s given on the menu.

I got the toasted pecan pancakes. They were an excellent sourdough/buttermilk flavor, and the pecans were nicely toasted. The batter was not super sweet, which is something I frequently encounter with pancakes. Also, they did not have the common astringent flavor of aluminum-based baking powder. I have not had a better pancake than this in many years — possibly ever.

A single order consisted of six full size pancakes, which was too much food for me, even though they were delicious. I enjoyed my pancakes greatly and would encourage anyone coming here to also get some variety of pancake. There were many other pancake options on the menu which sounded good.

Service was good, with wait staff willing to banter a bit, but not intruding. The only downside was the coffee, which was merely mediocre. It was brown and hot, very “standard” coffee.

If you want pancakes, this is the place for you.