Terri’s Cafe

Terri’s Cafe in Meridian

A local breakfast/lunch eatery with good house-made sausage


My meal was best described as “Average”. It was a good meal over all and was served in proportions that were large. I also found the coffee to be of a standard diner quality. My biscuits and gravy were not much different than I would have expected from any chain diner across the country and the scrambled eggs I had with them were under cooked and not scrambled (They came over easy and slightly runny). Hash browns are a Boise staple and not often distinctive. I have still not learned to understand potatoes in a way that the Boise native must.  The service managed to achieve the appropriate level of attentiveness and my coffee cup never wanted for a refill.

The environment was welcoming and pleasant. The dining area was clean, comfortable and spacious. I prefer a meal where I do not need to share my conversation with the people at the next table and here I did not.

The best part of the entire experience was actually someone else’s meal in my party. I had not ordered the chicken apple sausage, but wish I had. It was a happy surprise. I found all of the sausage offerings (We tried three) to be very nice. On my next visit I will try the “Homemade Sausage Sampler”.

Huevos Rancheros and sausages

For starters, the restaurant is clean and well kept. Service was prompt and attentive. We were served coffee immediately, though it was very average “diner” coffee. 

I had the special of the day, which was huevos rancheros. The dish was a distinctly “northern” take on the classic dish. The corn tortilla was pan-fried, the usual refried beans were replaced by black beans, the eggs were scrambled, and the salsa was completely mild and somewhat sweet. It also had house-made chipotle sausage, which was excellent.

Overall, a good meal, but it would have been improved with better salsa, or at least a less-sweet salsa. I had also ordered it with eggs over-medium, but I instead got scrambled. Not a bad change, but also not what I had ordered.

The house-made sausage was the undeniable highlight of the meal. It is well worth coming here for the sausage, though other elements do not live up to that standard.

Overall, this seems like a case where our meal selections did not allow the restaurant to shine. We should have ordered according to what the place does well, rather than what “seemed like a good idea”. We would not have expected to have to learn how to be better diners before we started this whole adventure, but there you go.