The Griddle (Eagle)

This is The Eagle location of a local chain of restaurants with several locations in the Treasure Valley.

“The Griddle” website

A pleasant environment on the Eagle river.

Above average dining with excellent service. Staff managed to keep the perfect balance of attending to our table without unnecessary hovering.

Food was well prepared from quality ingredients, but did not manage to achieve that extra level that marks the very finest of breakfast experiences.

Dining was enjoyable in a spacious and pleasant venue with ample parking in the scenic Eagle riverfront region. Early arrival (7:30am) made for immediate seating and service from the moment we sat down at our table. The environment was perfect for morning conversation with little more background noise than would be expected from a busy restaurant getting ready for a Saturday morning.

I would expect to have to wait a reasonable time for a table if arriving after 9:30 but would be very surprised to find the staff not prepared to make the delay endurable.

The meal was made from quality, fresh ingredients and was very enjoyable. Hash browns could have been fresh or frozen (I suspect fresh). Coffee was above average, but not true coffee shop level. Sausage used in both of our meals was very nicely seasoned and not greasy at all. I would have browned it a little more. The general impression the entire experience left me with was of a very well run restaurant that lacked the passion of a true chef. While tasty and nicely prepared, generous portions still needed to be seasoned a little more. Nothing stood out as a highlight in the meal,  with the notable exception of the fresh preserves on every table when applied to an English muffin. The muffin and preserves went together perfectly and are not to be missed when dining here. When asked “And what kind of bread?” the answer is easy.

I had a somewhat different dining experience. I had the “Country Benedict”, which was a large biscuit, with a sausage patty on top, then two scrambled eggs, then all covered in cream gravy, with a side of hash browns. I found the whole meal to be somewhat bland and flavorless.  I had to add a good bit of salt and pepper to the whole plate. The biscuit needed butter, the gravy needed cream and seasoning. The real issue was the hashbrowns, which had been fried in vegetable oil that seemed to have gone slightly rancid. It was not really strong, but it put an unpleasant note on the whole meal. 

Other elements were better. The coffee was stronger than I like, but good. The service was attentive, but not hovering. The place itself was well decorated and clean, with a nice view of the rising sun out the large east windows. The boysenberry preserves were excellent. I was left with the impression that mine was a meal that was probably not as good as the place usually serves.

I was impressed to see how prepared the restaurant was for the later-in-the-morning rush that most breakfast places get on Saturdays. They had set up a tray with mugs and coffee that were available for those waiting to be seated, which is a nice touch.

As an overall conclusion, The Griddle is a good choice for a pleasant breakfast before a morning of shopping or home improvement. When you have plans for the day and want to start out on a happy note. You will leave to begin your day with a satisfied and full feeling ready to face the world. You are not going to begin your day wondering if you can think of a reason to go out for breakfast tomorrow morning too. The place overall was well run, but really needs a chef to run the kitchen, instead of just line cooks filling orders.